Mr. Roy Hufford
Phone: 219.922.5650

Hello Southridge students and families!  I hope this note finds you soaking up the sun, relaxing, and enjoying some quality time with family and friends.  As we begin gearing up for another successful school year, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you and introduce myself.  My name is Roy Hufford, and I am proud to be the newest principal at Southridge.  My wife Stephanie, six year old son Julian, and two dogs (Rocky and Nico) just moved to Highland, and are looking forward to learning more about the town, our wonderful schools, and how to be involved in the community.  Prior to coming to Highland, I was a principal for four years in Goshen, an assistant principal for the 3 years prior, and long ago started my career as a teacher, in third and fifth grades, for seven years.

I am excited about what lies ahead during the 2016-17 school year!  Southridge is known for being an outstanding school.  Our staff has already begun setting up classrooms, and planning student centered activities that will challenge and grow our students academically and socially.  I look forward to working with our Southridge students, both new and returning, and can’t wait to meet each of you in a short time!

Don’t forget, August 15 is our first day of school.  We are excited to welcome all of you, and begin our journey through the the upcoming school year.  Don’t forget on the evening of August 17 (Aug. 12 for our kindergarten students) we will host an open house event.  During this time you will learn more about the teachers and classrooms, but also about what to expect during our first year with 1 to 1 technology.  Please plan to spend a half hour with each teacher, followed by one half hour meeting where you will learn more about when your child will be receiving their devices, and the expectations for their use.  Below you will find a schedule.

Enjoy the waning days of summer break!  Our staff is looking forward to seeing you soon!

2016-17 Open House Times

Grade Date Teacher Meeting Technology Meeting

1st August 17 5:30 6:05
2nd  August 17 6:05 6:40
3rd August 17 6:05 6:40
4th August 17 6:40 7:10
5th August 17 6:40 7:10

**Parents/Students must attend one technology meeting per family, but are welcome at any of the times listed.