what to expect for homework

What to Expect For Homework for 2nd Grade J


  • You should see your child’s reading book in their backpack every night.

    NOTE: I encourage you to practice the weekly story with your child every night in different ways for example:

    *Adult reads to the child

    *Adult & child take turns reading

    *Child reads out loud

    *Child reads independently


  • Child will work on reading skill homework pages throughout the week, which will reinforce what was taught in class.
  • Test will be on every Friday.
  • Take an AR quiz every week over an AR book he or she has picked out and has practiced several times.Most of the reading stories are AR tests as well.


  • A new spelling list will come home every Monday based from the weekly reading story.
  • Spelling homework activity boxes will be more challenging each grading quarter.
  • Test will be held every Friday over the spelling list.
  • Child has the opportunity to receive Boyd Bucks on Challenge words if they spell them correctly. (Challenge words are simply an extra incentive and will not affect test score.)

Practice makes perfect!J

Suggestions in addition to “Spelling homework activity boxes” for EXTRA practice:

  • Write words, echo words, practice test, hangman, and spelling out loud.


  • Children will have homework daily except Fridays! One sheet will be sent home with 2 sides: Quick Check and Daily Common Core Review. It will help students review the lesson from that day and reviewing prior lessons.
  • Before every big Math Topic test your child will have a review packet that includes all the lessons from that topic.This must be completed and returned.
  • Time tests: Will NOT be included in their math grade. However, we do expect students to pass all four 100 problem time tests by the END of 2nd grade in adding and subtracting 0-10 and 0-18.

    PLEASE PRACTICE with your child if he/she remains on the same test for a period of time and score is NOT improving.

    Social Studies/ Science/ & Health:

  • We will ONLY do 1 subject at a time, starting with Social Studies.
  • A few homework assignments for each unit will come home.
  • There may be a project from time to time.

PLEASE CHECK your child’s folder for homework worksheets and notes regarding projects and due dates.


  • Students who do not turn in homework will SNIP automatically.

(ONLY EXCEPTIONS: Student provides a written note by parents due to an emergency.)


  • Please empty your child’s folder each night.